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Partial Half Reverse French Braid**

plaited into my own hair this morning.

Inspired by a friend’s recent post on learning to french braid her hair, I decided to do something fancier than usual to my hair. This is probably one of the more complicated braids that I’ve ever tried to put into my own hair. The pinning is actually totally unnecessary for the hairstyle to stay, but I am hoping that adding it will prevent it from loosening over the course of the day. I took the photos just so that *I* could see what it looked like in the end, and figured I’d post them once I’d gone to that much trouble. I think it turned out ok, all things considered.

Things I learned:

  • reverse french braids are harder to put in your own hair than regular ones
  • even with a mirror it’s nearly impossible to see the back of your own head

** All terminology is pretty much made up by me. This site would probably call it a classic dutch lace braid (that starts off as a regular dutch braid). In my terminology partial~=classic, half=lace, and reverse french=dutch.



thrown on top of my apartment’s porch is basically the same thing as a

The Mayfair

in Harvard Square is a fabulous place to collect and play with stuffed animals.

(more about the mayfair)

Tire Swings

are round. Also, they swing.


Castle Rock State Park

is “sprinkled with unusual rock formations that are popular with rock climbers.” My brother and I test this theory.

(more about Castle Rock)