Monthly Archives: September 2008

A Giant Pumpkin

appeared in Kresge last year, along with a bunch of smaller glass pumpkins.

The Demaine’s seem to know what’s up, though. Maybe it will happen again this year.

Photos of the glass pumpkins are from the Great Glass Pumpkin Patch website. 🙂


are not something you expect to find by the side of the road in Cambridge. That expectation is probably wrong, though. Thoughts?


are awesome. This one seems to be advertising Honey Bunches of Oats.

And, hey! That person on it in the last picture looks familiar…Nice Hat!

Sailing on Lake St. Clair

is fun. We have two boats, a Thistle and a Laser. 

The first two images are of me – first sailing the Laser in to dock (although I’m on the wrong side of the boat), then skippering the Thistle (taken from within the Thistle). 

The second two show the Thistle from far away, and my brother sailing the Laser.