Monthly Archives: May 2009

A playground

in Foster City provides an alternative to climbing at Castle Rock.

Also, other pictures from my visit to San Francisco (tower in the Japanese area) and the Exploratorium (ice freezing, geyser things) no longer sufficient for their own post now that my phone has died and I’ve lost most of them (including all the ones with me in them…and the pretty geometric structures…and the random break dancer…). 🙁
Very, very sad.

The Mayfair

in Harvard Square is a fabulous place to collect and play with stuffed animals.

(more about the mayfair)

Tire Swings

are round. Also, they swing.


Castle Rock State Park

is “sprinkled with unusual rock formations that are popular with rock climbers.” My brother and I test this theory.

(more about Castle Rock)


are amongst my favorite flowers. This one in the Kendall square roof garden was particularly special.