Monthly Archives: September 2012

Seeing Stars

is a geometric sculpture wherein one can see many stars — made out of a material itself intended for seeing stars (or at least the sun!).


Novelty sunglasses in six different colors interlock without glue or adhesives to create these intricate, chiral sculptures. Although the individual pairs of glasses are closed in the normal manner, their interlacing enables them to maintain distinctive forms.

The sculptureĀ is made from 60 pairs of sunglasses. It is symmetrically colored such that the edges around the structure are accentuated.

The Space Shuttle Endeavour

flew over the Bay Area on the back of a 747 this morning. We went to Shoreline park to check it out.

Line-enveloped Hilbert curves

have apparently been inspiring Vi to finish videos since 2012.

A fractal sand castle

2012-09-01 17.56.17

A fractal sand castle seems like just the right sort of thing to make while hanging out on a fractal coastline. This one appears to be a Sierpinski triangle.